Typically, many homeowners purchase a plant then try to find a place to plant it. This often results in a haphazard landscape that ultimately becomes a burden on the homeowner's time and pocketbook. To avoid this, you should develop a plan to conceptually guide you through the landscaping process. 在你拿起铲子之前就制定好计划, 你会发现潜在的问题,并在花钱之前解决它们. 制定计划比你想象的要容易. 通过遵循本节中概述的逐步过程, you will create a successful landscape to meet your needs and protect the environment.

Note: Even if you are going to hire a professional to design your native and adapted plant landscape, 您将需要浏览此部分以获取一般信息. 如果你打算“自己做”,这部分正是你所需要的. This section will walk you through the process of designing a landscape that functions well for you as well as the environment.


找到你的物业地图,标明你的物业线的位置, 家地役权, 以及其他结构. 把这张地图复印几份,以便工作时使用. If you do not have such a map, contact the county records office for a copy. 如果没有可用的映射,创建一个也不难.

[Figure 1]

让Yobet体育app假设您正在从头开始. 找一张画地图的纸. Determine your property dimensions and decide on an appropriate scale (for example one square on the graph paper equals one foot). It may take a little figuring to arrive at the right scale to fit your property on the graph paper. 一旦你这么做了, sketch your property lines on the graph paper using the squares to maintain appropriate dimensions.

同时(在地图上用箭头)指出哪个方向是北. 一旦你这么做了, 绘制任何“硬景观”项目的位置,如建筑, sidewalks, driveways, etc. 记住,在绘制这些结构时要保持适当的比例. 标明每幢楼的门窗位置. 这在以后会变得很重要. Once you have made a scaled base map (Figure1) that outlines your property and indicates the position of all buildings walkways, etc.,复印十份. 这些将在后续步骤中使用.


Now take one copy of your base map and begin to inventory existing conditions and features of your property (Figure 2). Determine the location and height or depth of any utility lines or buried cables that are found on your property. 在你的库存地图上画出这些线并贴上标签. 盘点现有植被,如树木或大型灌木, 从树干一直量到树枝顶端. Then use that measurement to draw a circle representing the spread of that plant on your inventory map. 通过地图上的通用名称来识别每一种大型植物. 在你的目录地图上绘制和标记其他必要的植被.

Next draw on your map the locations of any flowerbeds that may exist on your site. Once you have inventoried the vegetation, inventory the environmental conditions. 在地图上标明一般的土壤状况,并标出阳光充足的地区, shady, wet, dry, sloped, etc. Show wildlife features such as tree cavities, nesting areas, or water sources. 最后,指出相邻的属性特征(e.g. 道路、栅栏、吵闹的宠物、悬垂的树木等.)会影响你的财产.

[Figure 2]

Current Uses

Once you have sketched the existing features and conditions of your property, 您现在必须考虑您的财产目前是如何使用的. 用另一份你的基本地图, 在圆形区域绘制草图,说明您的财产目前是如何使用的. Label each area according to its category; public, private, service, or wildlife (Figure 3).

Public areas are usually associated with structures such as sidewalks, driveways, roads, etc. 私人区域是院子里你和你的家人使用的部分. 例如庭院、露台或草坪区域. Service areas are associated with work spaces that you may want to screen from sight. 这些区域可能包括空调单元及其通道, garbage can, storage, compost pile, 或柴火堆. Wildlife areas are those spaces that provide some type of food, water, or shelter for wildlife. These areas may include patches of prairie, wildflowers, woodland habitat, or other open space. 在“当前使用”地图上显示所有这些.

[Figure 3]

Future Uses

现在您已经映射了所有现有的特性, conditions, 以及财产的使用, 是时候做梦了. 你想如何处理你的财产? 同时参考您的库存地图和当前使用地图, use another copy of your base map to begin sketching in ideas and notes about what you like to do. 不要担心特定的植物. Yobet体育app会讲到的. 现在,让你的想法保持概念性.

Once again, with circles indicate how you would like to change the current use patterns for the future. Maybe you would like to reduce the public areas and increase private and wildlife areas. 在未来的使用地图上指出这些更改(图4).

[Figure 4]


同时引用您创建的地图, 开始考虑你希望景观执行的功能. 你希望你的风景在哪里挡住不雅观的景色? 你想要什么颜色? 你想在哪里种植浆果? 你想在哪里有漂亮的风景? 花点时间通过不同的窗户看看你的房子, 从院子里, from the road, etc. Use these views to help you decide what you want your landscape to "do" for you. 在您的函数计划中勾画并标记这些函数(图5) & 6). 注意,Yobet体育app仍然没有使用特定的植物名称. Yobet体育app还没有到那一步. 简述并标示任何水源的位置, rocks, bird feeder, 或者您想要添加的任何其他功能.

[Figure 5] [Figure 6]

When designing beds and spaces in your landscape, you should keep several things in mind. 首先,景观中的曲线软化了庭院体验. 它们给房子一种更自然的感觉. Curved lines are more relaxing and often make spaces seem larger and more open. 角线意味着控制和结构. Be aware of these concepts and use them to achieve an effect that pleases your taste.

Second, spaces that are enclosed with visible boundaries may be perceived as small and confining. 为了解决这一, 你可以考虑用植物来掩盖边界, or create softer ones by using open materials such as lattice or chain link fencing.

第三,颜色影响你对空间的感知. “酷”颜色(蓝色, green, 紫色)似乎在视觉上给人以更大空间的印象. "Warm" colors (red, orange, yellow) seem to surge forward, making a space seem smaller. Use these concepts when developing your function plan to achieve a result that suits your objective.

Finally, by designing your landscape to include various vertical layers of native vegetation, 你将为野生动物提供栖息地. 当分层你的风景, keep in mind that it's generally more visually appealing to place shorter plants in front and taller plants toward the back of a space. When planting beneath windows use plants with a maximum height shorter than the windowsill to avoid obstruction. 种植在电线下面, use only trees and shrubs with a maximum height less than the height of the power line.

Final Plan

既然你已经做了所有的苦差事, 选择特定的植物物种是一个简单的淘汰过程. Simply use the information from your maps to determine the sun/shade conditions, 土壤条件, height and/or color requirements of the specific site you are wanting to plant, 然后过滤掉那些不符合标准的物种. 为了协助你,Yobet体育app安排了一个 数据库的植物 在这个网站上. Simply select the desired criteria and the filter will return appropriate plants for you to use in that site.

一旦你获得了一份特定的本地和适应植物的清单, indicate these on a final plan (Figure 7) that can then be used as a guide to create a yabobetapp™. Be aware that plant availability from nurseries will need to be considered and that alternative choices of native and adapted species may be needed.